Coaching SkillsIt seems that everyone is talking coaching these days. But what exactly does it all mean? What is genuine coaching?

Why do I need coaching skills?

Executive Coach and CEO for Cylient, LLC., Dianna Anderson shares her insights on the power of coaching. True coaching is founded on an appreciative view of the world and a willingness to help others learn, grow and develop. You can’t force people to adopt a new way of looking at the world; rather, you invite them to open to a new way of working. It’s easier, faster, and more effective to start with the people who are most likely to accept your invitation.

In this e-book learn how coaching-based leadership opens up learning opportunities, creates engagement and realizes potential. This includes:

  • The distinction between problem-solving and coaching
  • The strategic advantage of coaching
  • The power in turning everyday challenges into learning opportunities
  • Specific steps YOU can take to have effective coaching conversations
  • And much more…

It’s the real deal.

Download Your Copy Here

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