Each of our highly experienced coaches work with executives, senior leaders, emerging leaders, teams and groups within corporations, NGO’s, and throughout the federal government. Many of them began providing coaching services before it became fashionable and are true pioneers in the field.

Our executive coaches and senior consultants have worked together as a team and in sub-groups on a variety of large-scale projects requiring coaching, team development, culture assessment, strategic planning, expert facilitation, change management expertise, top level message development, and the ability to design enterprise wide learning architecture.

All Strategic Partners coaches are equipped to help leaders change behavior, improve individual and team performance, increase communication and relational skill, elevate executive presence, reduce conflict, manage stress, interpret 360 feedback, create development goals, and determine activities to accelerate learning. In addition, each coach has specialty areas of focus, or niches, which set them apart from their peers and uniquely qualify them for certain type of assignments.

Jan Boxer, M.A., CEO of Strategic Partners, Leadership Coach & Strategist

Specialty Niches: Coaching leaders in high visibility roles; corporate messaging related to restructuring, change, M&A or reduction in force; first 100 Days, group/team development; sensitive personnel issues; derailing leaders; pairs coaching; emerging leader development; targeted grooming/advancement for promotion and career transition. Her clients benefit from the wisdom she gained building and managing two professional services firms.

As the owner of Strategic Partners, Jan leads highly experienced senior level coaches and consultants in providing coaching based leadership development services. Jan is recognized as a “coach’s coach,” evidenced by her appointment to Georgetown University’s adjunct faculty where she served as a co-founder of the Executive Certificate Program for Leadership Coaching.

Jan’s experience is far reaching—she has coached global leaders managing complex stakeholder webs and international workforces as well as dozens of leaders in financial institutions. She has guided senior leaders charged with ironing out our nation’s healthcare policy and C-suite leaders fighting for profitability in one of our country’s largest organizations – the U.S. Postal Service. Political appointees within the Executive Office of the President of the United States (White House) have sought her counsel, along with 50+ SIS Officers within the intelligence community, deans and faculty within prestigious universities, doctors, engineers and scientists dedicated to homeland security, and a multitude of entrepreneurs/small business owners.

Jan’s typical client is stepping into an expanded role with higher stakes, and is likely building and managing a newly forming or struggling team that must produce results quickly. She teaches all of her clients how to elevate their “presence” which improves their relational capability, confidence, composure, briefing/presentation skills, strategic agility and ability to influence enterprise-wide decisions. The teams she has worked with report that they have enhanced group communication, reduced conflict, united around a shared vision and increased mutual accountability. Her former clients often call her for help with career transitions, handling sensitive personnel issues, personal crisis or the “biggest presentation of their lives.”

Suzi Pomerantz, MBA, MCC

Specialty Niches:  Navigating the political landscape of organizations, executive influence, cultivating and strengthening strategic relationships

Suzi is an award-winning executive coach and international bestselling author with 24 years of experience coaching leaders/teams in 200+ organizations. She focuses on leadership influence, helping executives, teams & organizations find clarity in chaos. She has authored 30+ publications about coaching, ethics, and business development.

Her 11 books include bestselling, Seal the Deal and #1 international bestseller Ready, Aim, Captivate, co-authored with Deepak Chopra and others. She founded the Leading Coaches’ Center and co-founded the Library of Professional Coaching.

Kevin Nourse, PhD, PCC

Specialty Niches: Healthcare and Pharma, developing executive women, exercising influence, resiliency, career development, and group coaching and facilitation

Dr. Nourse is a research-based executive coach with 20+ years of executive coaching, facilitation, and leadership development experience. His practice focuses on developing resilient change leaders at all levels. In addition, he coaches leadership teams and designs and facilitates comprehensive leadership programs. Kevin is currently serving on the faculty of the Georgetown University Executive Coaching Certificate program.

He recently co-authored, Shift Into Thrive: Six Strategies for Women to Unlock the Power of Resiliency. Among his clients are AstraZeneca, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Capital Impact Partners, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, National Cancer Institute, and the Port of Los Angeles.

Lynnette Yount, MA, MCC, Prism Award Recipient for Coaching Excellence 

Specialty Niches: Culture building, conversational intelligence, team coaching and group facilitation, strategic planning, coaching other coaches, high potential and emerging leaders

Lynnette specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and strategic planning. She has practiced coaching for over 35 years and is committed to developing strong, effective and inspiring leaders. Lynnette coaches from the heart, incorporating leadership presence, emotional intelligence and conversational competence. She helps leaders at all levels create effective and sustainable results including building trust, partnerships and high performing teams; thinking, acting and leading strategically; generating performance results through conversational competence; increasing leadership presence that inspires followership and moving to increased levels of leadership, authority and responsibility.

Irvine Nugent, Ph.D., PCC

Specialty Niches: Keynotes on variety of leadership topics, presentation skills & body language, storytelling, taking leaders to the next level, and resilience

Dr. Nugent is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach and an ATD credentialed Master Trainer. Irvine Nugent possesses 15+ years in senior leadership roles in organizations of various sizes, stages of growth and different sectors. Born in Northern Ireland and growing up in a society torn apart by conflict and violence, he has always been attracted to discovering ways to help leaders develop greater resilience in the face of chaos and change. He has been privileged to work in many different cultures and learned firsthand the challenges of effective communication and understanding. As a public speaking coach, Irvine helps leaders grow their confidence and claim their leadership voice, while teaching them how to deliver presentations that have power and impact.

Julia Karpeisky, M.A., M.S., PCC

Specialty Niches: C-level executives and teams involved in cross-cultural, international endeavors; high-conflict assignments that require a “strong” coach with an ability to stay grounded despite intensity and high emotion; increasing personal creativity, intuition and compassion; mediation

Julia has 10+ years of experience coaching in business, government & non-profit sectors. Known as a “strong” coach, she is often called upon for high-conflict assignments. Julia uses a mix of executive coaching, conflict management, mediation and interpreting skills. As a professional (Russian) interpreter, Julia has interpreted for the Oval Office, including the President of the United States, the chairmen of all major oil companies, and the World Bank President. She is a certified mediator & executive coach. She holds a M.S. in Chemistry, and M.A. in Diplomacy & International Commerce.

Lloyd Raines, MA, MCC

Specialty Niches: Conveying messages through storytelling, inclusion, and emotional & social intelligence. Supporting government leaders, scientists, IT experts, and engineers

Lloyd is a seasoned executive coach, leadership development consultant, facilitator, and educator. He brings 30+ years of expertise in working holistically with leaders and teams, applying insights from cutting edge research on leadership & organizational best practices, and integrated development.

A sample of clients includes Marriott International, Sodexo, Booz Allen Hamilton, The United Nations, AARP, American Public Health Association, US Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services, Interior, Peace Corps, Veterans Administration, among many others. He is a founding faculty member of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program and the Institute for Transformational Leadership.

Robin RoggenKamp, M.A.

Specialty Niches: Team building/team coaching, next-level coaching, employee skill building for leaders who do “too much”, whole-self leadership (authentic, wellness-based approach), career transitions

Robin provides focused, confidential, and holistic support to successful leaders who desire no-nonsense, real-world solutions, and those who are ready and willing to, “look in the mirror.” She is the ideal coach for executives who are committed to personal and staff development, creating a spirited and engaging corporate culture, increasing shareholder value, appreciating and retaining top performers, and living healthy, balanced lives. Robin has designed, implemented, and managed multiple executive coaching programs with exceptional results for private sector and federal clients. She is a “go-to resource” for discriminating leaders when the stakes are high and adeptly takes teams through peak times, major changes, difficult conversations, and complex or high-risk decisions.

Zemira Z. Jones

Specialty Niches: Business “turnarounds” and providing growth strategies to underperforming companies

Zemira leverages his experience and success in turning around the most difficult operations in ABC, Disney, ESPN, and other well-known companies. Specifically, Zemira served as President/General Manager for ABC/Disney and ESPN. In addition, he was VP of Operations for Radio One, the 7th largest radio company in America. While there he was named one of the 8 Best Managers in the industry by Radio Ink Magazine and nominated as NewsTalk Executive of The Year and General Manager of The Year by Radio & Records Magazine.

Mr. Jones also launched the 24/7 ESPN Radio network for Disney currently operating in more than 300 markets. Since then he has consulted within a wide variety of industries and advised CEO’s of companies in Europe, Africa, and South East Asia.

Colin T. McLetchie, PCC, BCPP

Specialty Niches:  Keynotes, meeting, retreat design and facilitation, team development, employee relations & communications particularly related to M&A, organizational realignments, reductions in force, values/purpose/career exploration

Colin believes deeply in lives worth living, leaders worth following, and organizations worth being a part of, all of which create communities worth living in. After a 20+ year career in HR leadership, Colin committed to coaching full-time, partnering with executives, managers, teams and organizations to identify what success looks like and help them move forward in achieving that success. Previously he worked in the consulting, technology, and retail industries as an HR Business Partner, learning & development facilitator, and performance management, employee relations & communication expert. He is known for his keen intuition, energy, insight, and compassion.

Jeri Darling, MA, MBA, PCC International Prism Award Recipient for Coaching Excellence

Specialty Niches: Executive team effectiveness, virtual global team development, design and management of large-scale global leadership development programs, coaching for cultural competence/relocation

Jeri Darling is an executive coach, senior organizational consultant and former global vice-president of leadership and organizational effectiveness. Her expertise is in global human resource strategy, leadership, talent management and organizational development. She has designed and facilitated large-scale change initiatives and created strategy, policy and structures to align with organizational strategic priorities. Jeri is known for providing thought leadership on global executive leadership development. She is an adjunct professor at American University, a member of the HRPS Board of Directors, Executive Director of the Global Talent Innovation Network and Talent 2025 Results Collaborative, and has been mentioned in the Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs.

L’Lorenzo Seabrooke

Specialty Niches: Group facilitation and training, change and organizational renewal, negotiation for senior executives, dealing with difficult people and situations, law enforcement, intelligence, legal, information technology and security professionals

L’Lorenzo has coached retired U.S. Army General Officers, senior level teams, and senior civilians (SES, DISL, and GS15s) across multiple federal agencies. He is known in the Intelligence, Special Forces, and Information Technology community as a leader and an outstanding team builder who conveys unvarnished perspectives, resulting in positive leadership actions and effective results. In 2013, L’Lorenzo received multiple endorsements by senior DOD leaders to serve as their liaison to Congress. He has an active U.S. government Top Secret clearance and is known as a trusted advisor who provides candid and intimate feedback and getting to the heart of the matter.

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