(Full case studies available by request)

Example 1: United States Intelligence Community, Agency Names Classified

Strategic Partners provided 17 seasoned executive leadership coaches to IC agencies. We coached 200+ individual Senior Intelligence Service Officers (through SIS-IV) as well as GS14-15 leaders over 10 year period on as needed basis. In addition, Strategic Partners coached emerging leaders over a 12-month period in association with a year long leadership training program. We oriented coaches to leadership challenges unique to the IC and advised managers responsible for building systemic coaching program from ground up and provided marketing materials and assistance. We conducted periodic briefings to keep program stakeholders and coaches aligned. Without attribution or breaking confidentiality, we shared insights, patterns, and obstacles observed related to accelerating leader’s growth within the Agency and ensured compliance with Technical Directives and associated policies and provisions.

This reference is relevant in demonstrating our experience and ability to: 1) provide executive coaching as part of an integrated solution to improve leadership performance in large government intelligence organizations; 2) to introduce coaches who routinely work with top tier government leaders facing high stakes/high scrutiny and high pressure; 3) satisfy and delight our client over time.

Example 2: Inter-American Development Bank

Strategic Partners provided expert advice, program support and administrative oversight for the Inter-American Development Bank’s coaching program which was designed to support a large-scale enterprise–wide reorganization and address personnel and productivity issues related to dramatic culture change. Ten (10) coaches delivered performance and leadership coaching services to 95+ people including executives and senior managers, as well as emerging leaders, teams, and individual contributors over a seven (7) year period. We advised three different program coordinators responsible for building a systemic coaching program, created marketing materials pre and post launch, and designed and facilitated annual coaches meeting with HR Business Partners. Success led to program expansion.

In addition, Strategic Partners provided the following consulting services:

  • Conducted a training needs assessment for the IADB Board of Directors and provided specific recommendations for improving the on-boarding process for new directors.
  • Delivered multiple skill development seminars to address most critical leadership needs.
  • Equipped HR professionals to effectively conduct needs assessments with various sectors of the Bank, ultimately saving time and money
  • Developed and conducted workforce assessments for three business units
  • Assed current organizational structures and workflow and outlined specific recommendations for creating more efficiency in the organization and specific ways to leverage existing talent
  • Provided work flow/paper flow/office organization skill building training for two work units
  • Conducted innovation skills training for the Department of Research and Chief Economist

Example 3: United States Postal Service

Strategic Partners unseated an incumbent and was awarded a multi-year contract to provide Executive Coaching services exclusively to C-Suite Level Leaders across the United States. As part of this dynamic coaching engagement, a team of 12 executive coaches together with a Project Manager and our Executive Coaching Practice Leader partnered with the USPS leadership development team to increase executive’s capacities to:

  • Move the organization towards a model of profitability by mobilizing leaders at all levels to achieve better business results
  • Identify and utilize appropriate business-related metrics to focus, and re-focus as required, the business activities of the USPS
  • Effectively adapt to new business environment and persisting challenges
  • Demonstrate flexibility and agility that is demanded of effective business leaders

This reference is relevant in demonstrating our ability to provide coaching services to the highest level leaders within one of our nation’s most unique and complex (500,000 employee) organizations.

Example 4: U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, The National Institutes of Health

During the past twelve years, Strategic Partners has worked with almost every operating unit within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on various contracts with a total value of over $2,500,000. This specific reference relates to ongoing support that Strategic Partners has been providing one of DHS’s agencies, The National Institutes of Health, which has been involved in many organizational change initiatives due to restructuring or competitive sourcing under the A-76 mandate.

A specific Office within NIH was required to consolidate, create and standardize new organizational structures with the goal of achieving increased administrative efficiencies. Our work with this particular office included the following:

  • Provided 12 coaches to support Leadership Development program
  • Coached multiple teams supporting the leaders charged with leading/implementing change
  • Coached three top level executive leaders, focused on key enterprise-wide messaging and reshaping culture
  • Designed and delivered leadership-development training program for middle managers
  • Conducted an organization-wide culture assessment using focus group interviews, and made recommendations to top leaders to address identified concerns
  • Provided a broad range of change management consulting services including:

‐‐Strategic planning
‐‐Implementation and execution strategy development and planning
‐‐Conducted successful All-Hands meetings
‐‐Succession planning
‐‐Team facilitation
‐‐Skills training for leading change

An independent firm conducted an assessment of this organizational change initiative in which the client was able to document $500,000 in return on investment from improvements to both individual and team performance. Formal ROI study cited a seventy percent (70%) return on investment equaling approximately $500,000 in dollars saved and/or productivity improvement, after two years. Seventy-five percent (75%) of those surveyed reported significant improvement in manager productivity, workgroup productivity, project completion and service quality. Eighty percent (80%) reported improved communications with employees, collaboration with peers, improved decision making and teamwork.

This reference demonstrates our ability to successfully provide a comprehensive integrated solution involving leadership coaching for executives, senior leaders, teams and mid-level managers, plus OD consulting, expert facilitation, and leadership training resulting in high measured return on investment.

Example 5: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Strategic Partners won several multi-year contracts to support leaders within this high profile 4000 person organization to achieve significant operational improvement while strengthening employee engagement and commitment to the organizational mission over time. We were engaged in numerous consulting projects over 10+ year span requiring a multidisciplinary approach and multiple Strategic Partners’ consultants, coaches and trainers. Full case studies are available upon request. Examples include:

    • Improving Employee Satisfaction, Engagement and Performance in response to OPM’s Employee Viewpoint Survey results. Conducted focus groups to reveal deeper meaning, nuance and root causes, led action learning teams, and helped senior leaders prioritize action and infuse new found energy into problem areas.
    • Rebuilding Team after Large Scale Organizational Restructuring. Coached director of newly merged group to establish a sense of team identity, a commitment to collaboration, and a way to “re-charge” culture (now characterized as the “new era of CMS”.) This involved providing support to four division managers reporting to the director as they worked to define a new vision, re-define roles, set goals and integrate new staff members into four newly reorganized divisions and re-direct contractor teams– all while moving from an offsite facility to central headquarters.
    • Elevating Team Trust and Eliminating Team Dysfunction. Engaged with a new regional administrator, over 18 month period, who was dealing with personnel-related problems and problematic team dynamics. Helped her to build a multi layered approach to introducing new standards of behavior and eliminate highly dysfunctional schisms that had long undermined the performance and climate of one particular branch.
    • Supporting prestigious CMS Fellows Executive Development Program. Our consultants served as faculty members. Topics included: Exercising Influence; Strategic Thinking and Writing; Presentation Skills; Leveraging Diversity; Managing a Multigenerational Workforce; Customer Service; Networking and Business Partnerships and others.
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