Strategic Partners provides a coaching-based approach to organizational development and consulting in a variety of areas, most notably:

  • Strategic planning
  • Meeting design and large group facilitation
  • Organizational change management
  • Leadership development and learning systems architecture
  • Succession planning
  • Process improvement
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Performance management

Strategic Partners has developed a very precise set of operating values that are to be reflected in the actions of all who deliver consulting services on our behalf. These attributes appear in our firm’s formal mission statement and reflect our resolve to find cutting edge solutions for our clients and meet organizational needs with the highest standards of integrity and quality. To that end, we have committed ourselves to communicating with one another, and with our clients using grounded assessments and thought provoking questions.

We check our assumptions and remain aware of the power of our words. We make clear requests and realistic agreements with the objective of earning and keeping the trust of everyone with whom we work. Under all circumstances we do our best to demonstrate the fundamentals of good leadership and building healthy organizations.

All of our consultants adhere to these core principles:

  • Establish trusting relationships that support the honest and open exchange of ideas and perspectives
  • Involve appropriate stakeholders in identifying and defining the business problem
  • Articulate proposed pathway(s) for change/improvement to which the stakeholders react, build upon, and enable us to expand
  • Establish a clear work plan and boundaries for the consulting engagement
  • Share with client representatives the essential elements of learning, leadership, communication, strategic decision-making and other cultural characteristics of effective and healthy organizations
  • Energize the organization to embrace self-discovery and the commitment to pursue creative opportunities to strengthen organizational effectiveness
  • Identify appropriate data-collection methodologies that can be used to support the analysis required as part of most engagements
  • Analyze, synthesize and report nuanced data-collection results to support decision-making by leaders and their teams
  • Provide expert group facilitation that promotes robust discussion, decision-making and action planning enabling rapid and timely execution
  • Establish mechanisms that the organization can use to monitor and measure change during the process and identify actions that need to be taken to keep the improvement initiative on track
  • Empower organizational leaders to assume long-term ownership of decisions and resulting actions that need to be made and keep building on successes
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