31 TipsDid you know… nearly 75% of people admit to talking and sitting next to people they already know at professional meetings?

What if… when you are going to an event with people from your office, you agree beforehand that you won’t sit together. Instead, you choose to arrive early to talk to the movers and shakers. What if you decide you’ll have conversations with 4 people you don’t know or want to re-connect with? What could the impact be?

Networking can be a vital tool to uncork bureaucratic bottlenecks, work cross-functionally, and collaborate more effectively with internal and external partners.

In this complimentary eBook industry leader Lynne Waymon shares 31 Tips for Successful Networking”  that can help you (or even your employees/leaders) hone the skill of networking to impact organizational outcomes, including tips on:

      • How to Benefit from Your Professional Association
      • Ways you can Enrich a Good Networking Relationship
      • Specific steps YOU can take After Someone Provides You with Information. . .
      • And much more…

Download Your Copy Here

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